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Presenting to Investors

success-treeThis tailored presentation training course will focus on how you present your story to a financial audience and how you convince them of your investment opportunity. Although certain theory elements would be covered the majority of the session will focus on your presentation and how you handle questions.

Course Content:

We advise covering the following presentation skills training modules before concentrating on your performance to our financial experts.

The Theory:

  • Your Content: Research and Audience / Your messages / The structure / Making an impact
  • Your Soft Skills: Body language / Voice / Eye contact
  • Q&As, Visual Aids and Problems: Where, when and how to deal with questions / PowerPoint / Props / Handouts / Handling nerves

The Practice Scenarios:

These trials will take place throughout the training so that you can develop and grow your approach as you progress. We advise as much practice as possible of the presentation but can also devise suitable questions, which will test your ability to deal with difficult audience members or Q&As. These bespoke scenarios are normally recorded by cameraman to provide a playback facility.

The Trainers:

We have a range of expert presentation trainers on our team and we would select those most appropriate for your session. However, as an example, our team includes a former fund manager, former analysts from various sectors, a specialist soft skills coach and a former investment banker with experience of IPOs

What is Included in Your Session?

  • A training course tailored to your requirements
  • Our Guide to Presenting booklet
  • A cameraman to film the interviews and provide a DVD of your recordings
  • Written and oral feedback to both delegate and client

To Book Your Presentation Training Course:

To book your presentation training course please click here. We can have your tailored session outline over within the next 24 hours and the course will be delivered as soon as you’re ready.

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