• FAQs

    Here are some of our frequently asked questions

Who does Bluewood Training work with?

We have experience working with a wide range of global and UK organisations, FTSE100, AIM listed and Ltd companies as well as charities, public sector and government bodies. Our team have trained people in every industry, from technology to law, banking to retail and construction to healthcare.

How long are the media training courses?

Our presentation and media training courses are bespoke so we are happy to work around hours that suit you and can make the sessions the length you need. But in order to cover all the relevant theory and allow for enough practical scenarios, we usually advise that sessions are a half-day or full-day.

Where is the media training held?

We are based in Canary Wharf in London and often run presentation and media sessions in our training studios (with TV and radio rooms which are perfect for media-interview practice), but can come to your office/location, in the UK or abroad, or hire a suitable venue if you need it.

What is the maximum number of people per course?

We recommend a maximum of 3 people per half-day and 6 people per full-day, for media or presentation training, to ensure that each person gets enough practice, coaching and ‘face-time’ with the trainer.

Can you provide media training online by video conference?

Yes, we can – we’ve been running sessions via video conference for many years – the expert advice and guidance you get is the same as in-person and if it’s more convenient for you to undergo training via Teams and Zoom, we’re happy to run it that way.

What does the presentation training cost?

Our half-day presentation or media training sessions range from £1,500 and our full-day sessions can cost over £4,500. The price varies depending on your requirements and the tailoring we will do, so please contact us for more information.

Who are the Bluewood trainers and what is their experience?

The Bluewood training team are seasoned coaching professionals with extensive experience in various fields such as; journalism, broadcast production, public relations, fund management, sales/marketing and corporate communication. Many of them have spent time working as print or broadcast journalists for organisations like Sky, the BBC, Reuters or the Financial Times, so they bring a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise to the training courses we deliver.

Do you run refresher training or advanced courses?

Yes, we’re very pleased to help people who want to update their skills or to prepare them for a new/different type of communications event. Our training sessions are all tailored to the specific objectives, issues and experience levels of the individuals we work with.

What types of situations have you helped clients prepare for?

Bluewood has helped prepare clients for a very wide range of situations, from; presentations to investors for new management teams, broadcast media interviews for CEOs, new business pitches for sales teams, print media engagement ahead of financial results, defining new messaging for marketing departments to mock-crisis scenarios to test communications resilience, soft skills training for speeches and rehearsals for panels or webinars.

Can you run last-minute presentation and media training courses?

Yes! We understand that training sessions sometimes have to be organised within a very short timeframe. If you are against the clock and need our help ASAP, get in touch; we will do everything we can to help.

Will my media training be confidential?

The Bluewood Training team treat all client information as confidential and are very happy to sign confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements with our clients. If you are working with information of a sensitive nature we do strongly recommend using an NDA for your media or presentation training.

How can I be sure the media course will be relevant to me and my team?

We work closely with you to understand what you and your organisation need; allowing us to select the appropriate modules to cover. With our pre-session research guiding us, we produce tailored practical scenarios or mock media interviews and questions specific to the issues you will face. This method allows the training to be as relevant and testing as possible for you.

What types of communications training programs does Bluewood offer?

Bluewood offers a diverse range of training programs, including media training, presentation skills training, crisis communications training, spokesperson training, messaging workshops and more. Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individuals and organisations we work with.

Can Bluewood customise media training programs for specific industries?

Yes, we understand that different industries and markets have unique communication needs. We offer customized training programs tailored to specific industries such as; law, finance, healthcare, technology and more. The media and presentation training programs all address the industry-specific challenges and objectives.

What types of media scenarios does the course cover?

Combined with the pre-training research Bluewood carries out, we will work closely with you/your PR team to select the media scenarios that would be most useful and testing to cover in your bespoke media training. Our clients often need us to base these around; new product or service launches, thought leadership interviews, market commentary, financial results or difficult news and issues (e.g. if you need to prepare for a crisis scenario).

How can I schedule a presentation training session with Bluewood?

Scheduling a presentation or media training session with us is easy. You can contact us through our website by filling out a contact form or directly by email to discuss your training needs and arrange your course with us.