• Media Training

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Dealing with the media is a two-way process

Our media trainers will teach you how to build lasting and effective relationships to the advantage of your business.

Our tailored media training courses will show you how to navigate the world of print and broadcast media. Run by current and former journalists, our bespoke media training courses are full of easy-to-use tips and techniques that you can soon be using as second nature. Once you have this knowledge, we then help you to deliver your story and message in the most effective way possible.

Why Media Training?

Using the media to convey information is essential for any company and Bill Gates once said; “if I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR”. Yet the level of skill with which it is conveyed is often low – which is why spokespeople should be media trained before interviews. Formal media training and coaching would certainly have saved some of the public relations disasters we’ve witnessed over the years. While the positives that come from dealing with the media greatly outweigh the negatives, you are gambling with your reputation if you don’t plan interview opportunities – and that includes using media training to prepare your spokespeople.

What’s included in your course?

Before your session, we will do our own research as well as work closely with you to make sure that the training we provide covers your organisation’s individual needs and addresses the specific issues you face.

We have experience of training delegates at all levels and will pitch our media training to your level of experience. Furthermore, we are so sure you’ll be happy with your media training course that we’ll give you a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with the training you don’t pay a penny.

Print Media Training

Our print media training courses are tailored around you and the media you want to connect with, whether it’s the national press or the trade titles specific to your industry.

Broadcast Media Training

Our broadcast media training courses are tailored around you and the media you want to connect with, whether it’s TV or radio and whoever you are facing.

Financial Media Training

These courses are tailored around you and the specific financial and business media you want to connect with, whether it’s trades, nationals or TV and radio.

Crisis Media Training

Our crisis media training courses are tailored around you. Depending on the type of crisis, you could face trade and national press or even TV and radio broadcasters.