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Our broadcast media training courses are tailored around you and the media you want to connect with, whether it’s TV or radio and whether you are facing the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Sky, CNBC, a podcast or an online video related to your industry. If you are new to media relations and need an introduction or if you simply need to polish your TV interview skills, our experienced team will design the broadcast session around your requirements.

The broadcast media courses usually include some background theory to explain how reporters and producers operate, but the focus of the session is on practice interviews and feedback. These mock interviews are realistic and testing, plus will be filmed so you can see how you come across and if your messages are being delivered effectively. Below, as a guide, we provide an outline to show what we advise covering in your session.

The Theory

  • An introduction to the broadcast media: Which news organisations could you face / How journalists, reporters and their producers operate / The difference between print, TV and radio news / Understanding what makes a story newsworthy
  • Preparing your approach: Refining your key messages / Researching the audience and interviewer / Setting your agenda / Creating the sound bite
  • During the interview: Eyeline on camera / Bridging and other question handling techniques / Body language and voice control / Managing nerves / Dos and don’ts with the broadcast media

The Practice Media Training Interviews

The interviews and rehearsals we design in the broadcast media training sessions are testing, realistic and relevant. This is to ensure that, whatever sort of interview situation spokespeople face in the outside world, they will be prepared and confident.

Depending on your requirements, we will run a series of filmed interviews, usually covering a number of the following types of format:

  • Telephone – replicating calling into the studio
  • Video conference – practicing interviews from your computer
  • Face to Face – rehearsing the typical studio format
  • Down the line – facing the camera, using an earpiece
  • Doorstep – being faced by reporters outside your office

The Media Trainers

Below are details of some broadcast media trainers we would recommend for your session. These are just a few from our extensive roster so please get in touch for more information on the rest of our team.

Trainer A was a journalist and producer for the BBC
Trainer B was a presenter and anchor for Sky News
Trainer C was a journalist for Reuters
Trainer D was a presenter for CNBC and CNN Europe

What’s Included In Your Broadcast Media Training Session

  • A training course tailored to your requirements
  • Expert media trainer
  • The Bluewood Media Handling Guide booklet
  • Camera to film and playback the practice interviews
  • Written and oral feedback to both delegate and client
  • Recordings of your practice interviews

To book your broadcast media training course please click here. We can have your tailored session outline over within the next 24 hours and the course will be delivered as soon as you’re ready.

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