• Presentation Training

    We help people become first-rate communicators...

Want to give the best presentation of your life? Just be yourself.

Public speaking comes naturally to very few people, but get it right and it can make the world of difference to you and your organisation.

Our bespoke presentation training courses are full of easy-to-use tips and techniques that you can soon be using as second nature.

We will teach you how to overcome nerves, deliver with authority, get your message across, be remembered for the right reasons, use visual aids including PowerPoint and successfully handle Q&As.

What’s included in your course

Before your session, we will do our own research as well as work closely with you to make sure that the training we provide covers your organisation’s individual needs and addresses the specific issues you face. We have experience of training delegates at all levels and will pitch the training to your level of experience. Furthermore, we are so sure you’ll be happy with your training course that we’ll give you a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with the training you don’t pay a penny.

We bring professional camera operators to all of our presentation training sessions so that we can film your performances and play them back to you. This means that you not only receive immediate feedback from your trainer, but you’ll learn how to critique your own performance – which is often the most powerful tool of all.

Why Presentation Training?

There’s no doubt that our judgements are based on how people project themselves, so if you are required to make presentations it’s vital that you project the best image you can to make the right impact and be remembered.

Our bespoke presentation training courses are highly interactive sessions which give you invaluable techniques to improve your approach, as well as the opportunity to trial different methods to polish your style.

Our expert presentation trainers all have experience in customer pitches, investor fund raising and board level presentations. They have worked in a variety of industries and sectors including investment banking, fund management, government departments, sales and marketing. This means that we can match the right trainers – with the relevant understanding and experience – to each client and organisation we work with.

Presentation Skills

Whatever type of audience you are facing, this presentation training course will help you to understand what makes a great presentation and give you the opportunity to refine and practice your own style.

Presenting to Investors

This tailored presentation training course focuses on how you present your story to a financial audience, whether that’s investors, fund managers or analysts, and how you convince them of your investment opportunity.

Pitch Training

Our pitch training session is focused on helping you to win business. Being able to promote yourself and your organisation to gain more business is an essential skill. The course is led by expert trainers.

Messaging Workshops

Good messaging is vital for any communication; whether you are making a presentation to shareholders, explaining plans to your staff, facing the media during a crisis or launching a new product.