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Good messaging is vital for any communication; whether you are making a presentation to shareholders, explaining plans to your staff, facing the broadcast media during a crisis or launching a new product to your customers. The ‘airwaves’ are very competitive when it comes to reaching your audience and so you have to make sure the message you communicate is both the right one and a clear one for people to act on.

Our messaging workshops offer organisations (usually working with teams from public relations, investor relations, marketing, sales or internal communications) the opportunity to design, build and then confidentially stress-test their messages in front of our team of journalists, marketing specialists and financiers. This allows those who will be responsible for delivering the messages to assess, in a safe environment, how well they will come across.

The Theory

  • Who are your audience and what do they want to hear?
  • What do you need to tell them? / What do you want people to think about your organisation?
  • What are the elements that make a good message?
  • How to build your unique messages? / Making them clear and memorable
  • Will your message stand-up to scrutiny? / The evidence and support you need to back-up your messages

The Practice Scenarios

Practice elements will take place throughout the session so that you can test your messages and develop and grow your approach as you progress. We can rehearse delivering them to a range of audiences, whether that’s investors, clients, journalists or staff.

We advise as much practice as possible (where required this can be filmed for a playback facility) and we’ll also devise suitable questions, which will test your ability to deal with difficult Q&As and deliver your messages under pressure.

The Messaging Workshop Trainers

We have a number of expert media and pitch trainers on our team. These include former senior journalists and editors as well as city financiers, marketing professionals and presentation skills coaches. We will select those with the most appropriate skills to lead your session.

What is included in your messaging workshop?

  • A workshop tailored to your requirements
  • Expert trainer
  • The Bluewood course booklet
  • Camera, if required, to film the practice and provide a recording of your performance
  • Written and oral feedback to both delegate and client

To book your messaging workshop please contact us. We can have your tailored session outline over within the next 24 hours and the course will be delivered as soon as you’re ready.

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Messaging Workshop

Good messaging is vital for any communication; whether you are making a presentation to shareholders, explaining plans to your staff, facing the media during a crisis or launching a new product.