Dyer by name…

It’s one thing that Danny Dyer is allowed his own TV series.

But it’s quite another that he’s permitted to serve up regular ‘advice’ as an agony uncle –  albeit in a ‘lads’ mag’ – and more worryingly, when the advice he’s giving is advocating violence, as this piece in today’s Telegraph reported:


Whilst Dyer’s comments are inexcusable however, the fact that his advice will have gone through the editorial of that magazine before they made it to print makes this story all the more difficult to swallow.

In publishing this kind of copy, the editor and publisher of that magazine are just as much at fault here. His views are one thing, but the fact that such content got past at the very least a sub-editor and an editor is just incredible.

‘Lads’ mag’ or not, there is no excusing such irresponsibility and ill-judgement.

Gemma Carey, Bluewood Training Ltd

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