How do you build effective messages?

Far too many messages; aren’t relevant to the audience, aren’t memorable and aren’t easy to deliver. By changing the way you build your messages you can help make sure they really do reach the people you want to connect with.

It’s all about the audience
One of the most important factors in messaging is the story you want to tell your audience. Do you focus on getting them to understand and love your company, or do you engage them in a compelling discussion about their business? The most important person in each part of your communication has to be the client, with your business playing an important role in helping them to move forward.

However, don’t forget that your message must not only differentiate you from competitors, but also convince the audience that they need to do something different and act on what you are saying.

Focus on customer messaging, not your company position
Brand positioning – how we want to be known, what we promise to do, and what customers like about us – can become just ‘marketing speak’ that often won’t set you apart from the competition.

Your message needs to focus on the client and their specific wants and needs. Only by tailoring what you say, for each of your different audiences, will you be able to present a compelling, relevant story that will create an impact.

Ensure your content is distinctive
Coming up with a snappy message is great but you also have to focus on making the content behind it distinctive and watertight. The evidence that supports your headline is a vital extension of your marketing message and to be truly effective, you need to be able to prove that your business can back-up the claims you are making.

If you can do this well enough it will be a compelling argument and will convince the audience that the action you are asking them to take, will maximise opportunities and is as close to risk free as they can get.

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