Is it too late for Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen needs swift, effective crisis management PR if his career is to be salvaged. But would it be too little too late?

The actor has survived scandal after scandal but is now suddenly on the outs after his radio rant and roof-top machete waving. “Charlie Sheen’s professional and personal lives have now morphed and the TV show, its creators, its producers and its stars have become the targets of Sheen’s wrath,” says Glenn Selig, a leading crisis management expert.  “Up until this point it was a tale of two separate lives and how his personal life might impact his career.”

It’s not the first time we’ve witnessed a breakdown in full glare of the media. Britney Spear’s head-shaving in full view of the paparazzi was difficult to watch. But she is now seemingly back on form and once again having success with her career.

So what of Sheen, and more specifically, his PR team? It is believed Sheen has been able to withstand scandal because the characters he plays on TV mirror his own life.

But this time has he gone too far?

It will be interesting to see what attempts, if any are made to salvage his media image.

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