Lufthansa hitch a PR ride

There was a cheeky attempt by the German airline Lufthansa recently to exploit Apple’s misfortune and work it to their own PR advantage. 

After an Apple engineer  left  his prototype of a new iPhone 4G in a German beer garden (and it subsequently ended up on blog Gizmodo) the airline’s PR had a good stab at capitalising on the story by publicly offering him free business class flights to Germany to sample its Bavarian Beer Garden Business Lounge.

Lufthansa wrote him a letter pointing out that his passion for German beer and culture was appreciated, and offered the trip as a way of ‘experiencing the best Germany has to offer’, while escaping from the heat of the world’s press. Nice.

The communications team denied the story was a PR stunt but ‘genuine altruism’.  Not that we’ve ever tried to do anything like this before either oh no…  *hut hem*.

Anyway, what do you think – good siezure of a press opportunity or a shameless piggyback of the Apple story?

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