Switch it off!

First the crucial BA negotiations are wrecked after Unite union boss Derek Simpson was allegedly tweeting a “running commentary” throughout, thus alerting the protestors to their location.

And now we hear that a new MP is in trouble after taking a photo from the House of Lords during the Queen’s Speech today before posting it on the internet.

Even Liberal Democrat negotiator Danny Alexander has apparently revealed that he was receiving secret text messages from Mandelson about the position of the Labour Party negotiating team, whilst he was sitting across the table with colleagues trying to negotiate a coalition government.

What is the etiquette of using a emailing, texting and twittering nowadays? Is there any?

I am strongly for social media being used as a prime mode of communication but if the above is anything to go by, it would seem no situation is off limits…

Gemma Carey – www.bluewoodtraining.com

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