The Power of Patriotism

With the Olympics, Royal Jubilee and Eurovision (well maybe not quite so much Eurovision after we came near bottom) it all looks pretty British out there at the moment. You can’t fail to notice that something is happening no matter where you live in the country. Just by driving around you can see whole villages clad in union jack bunting and cities blazoned with Olympic rings in preparation of one of the biggest celebratory summers Britain has seen in a long while.

Recent research by MHP Communications has shown that the Queen is the most popular of the royals at the moment. The conclusions were drawn by conducting an online reputation audit and analysing Google search results used by consumers and journalists. MHP MD of corporate reputation Paul Baverstock said: “The research shows how the Google view of an individual, brand or organisation is the driver of perceived reputation. A negative set of Google search results, whether recent or three years old, will drive editorial opinion”. Popularity of Queen is at an all time high but it takes a carefully thought out marketing campaign to maintain her positive public profile.

There is a thin line to tread in getting the tone right for the Jubilee festivities. For example Paul Smith who is the commercial director of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Foundation was tasked to secure corporate sponsorship and market the event without appearing to sell out the Queen. There is a subtle balance needed “You have a very high degree of public interest to capitalise on, and on top of that a great degree of positive feeling”. It is of course also about finding the right brands that are suitable to be associated with the Queen and who aren’t already tied up with Olympic sponsorship.

TV advertising campaigns are awash with attempts to jump on the Olympic / Jubilee bandwagon and exploit the big events coming up this summer. The feeling of Britishness is portrayed across our screens with pictures of street parties and references to the Olympics left right and centre. The public are encouraged to eat certain sandwiches because British Olympians tell us to and even to use certain razors as they will give us an “Olympic close shave” – because the need to be streamlined and fast is clearly applicable to joe public as they sprint hairless up and down the office…

Brands are going all out to produce special tailored products to mark the occasion. For example limited editions of Marmite have been designed and even renamed to “Ma’amite” in tribute to the Queens big day. Even Katie Price is honouring the celebrations in her own special way by producing a revealing portrait of herself with the union jack which will be displayed and then auctioned for charity.

What is your company doing to display Jubilee / Olympic spirit? Do you think it’s a bandwagon worth jumping on? Share your thoughts below….

Written by Megan – – June 2012

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