Crisis communications training – a vital insurance strategy

If you need another example (after BP) of the true value of good crisis communications skills, and more to the point, the price to pay for not having them, then look no further than this recent blog entry by Adam Clyne in PR Week.

Clyne had only ever had positive experiences with his vet – Medivet – and yet BBC1’s Panorama portrayed them in the most negative light imaginable.

But as Clyne points out, it was Medivet’s mishandling of the situation that made it all the more damaging for them.

“No matter how big or small – a crisis plan that maps out potential eventualities and appropriate responses is an important process to work through. Businesses provide protection for themselves through insurance policies  – that include business interruption cover – but they don’t invest the same time or resource into a crisis communication programme. Yet the effect to their businesses could be disastrous.”

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