Gaga: The Degree

Proof if proof were needed that she has made her mark.  

A university in America is offering a course on the ‘social phenomenon’ that is Lady Gaga.

Professor Mathieu Deflem Sociologist at the University of South Carolina said he’d initially planned a course on the Sociology of Fame or the Sociology of Celebrity, and was just going to use her as an example.

But, in his words, he thought: ‘Oh, what the hell? Let’s make the whole freaking course about Lady Gaga and her rise to fame’! Students will learn to “engage in sound and substantiated scholarly thinking” on issues related to her rise to fame.

“It’s not the person, and it’s not the music. It’s more this thing out there in society that has 10 million followers on Facebook and six million on Twitter. I mean, that’s a social phenomenon.”

He’s got a point. Here’s the full article:

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