Here come the girls? I don’t think so. (Sept-09)

I’m disappointed. ‘Here come the girls’? Please.

I’ve just read an article on the This Is Money website that suggests that the real reason women earn significantly less than men is because they are too afraid to ask for more.

I’d previously put this down to inherent sexism in the workplace (sorry) but a survey of 5,000 men and women by the Office of National Statistics (published in women’s mag Grazia)suggests that whilst men are continually asking for payrises, women are ‘too scared’ to even approach the subject with their boss.

‘The handful of women who had dared to ask for more admitted it was ‘the most stressful thing they had ever done’. But men do not suffer from the same inhibitions’ which would explain why ‘a typical man who works full-time enjoys a salary of £31,485, which is more than £8,500 higher than a woman’s salary of £22,964’.

I’m disappointed because, sadly I think it’s true.

We can’t blame men for using their initiative to ask for a payrise. But we can blame ourselves if we can’t summon up the confidence to do the same.

See for yourself:

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