New Year, New Start

So we’ve all had a nice break and are busy breaking our New Year resolutions already as we sit at our desks munching on Christmas leftovers and ignoring gym equipment bought in the sales. But now would be a good time to make sure at least our businesses are in order and yearly plans in place to make sure that 2012 is a successful one.

Why not focus your attention more to public relations this year? All companies need to make sure their public profile is positive as a good impression can win new customers. You could embrace new technology this year and use it to your advantage – or perhaps try our social media training? Or plan ahead for any issues that might bubble up this year and try some crisis communications planning, to deal with any negative press that might crop up… or you could try our course on media training.

After all fail to prepare, prepare to fail…. lucky for you Bluewood Training are here to help you brush up on presentation skills and get out there impressing your colleagues, new business prospects and media contacts.

Bluewood provides training tailored to you, with expert trainers who have experience in a wide range of industries. Equip your staff fully for 2012 by signing them up to a course with us and let us share our top tips with you… For example, simple cost effective changes can reap the best rewards. By making use of social media monitoring tools like Google Analytics, you can get a fast idea of how successful your media efforts are and keep track of what your competition are up to, all with relative ease. Set up RSS feeds or Google Alerts to keep track of rival spokespeople and where they’re attracting comment or coverage to see how you might be able to get ahead this year. Trending topics can also be handy to help you keep your finger on the pulse and up to date with emerging trends.

Don’t forget that not all PR is good PR: journalists are always after a story and you may need to ‘stand up’ to them at times so perfecting a firm but polite tone is essential. Feeling comfortable in those kind of situations and having practice at dealing with them is the best preparation so that you and your colleagues can enter into difficult or sensitive situations with confidence.

Things are bound to go wrong sometimes but dealing with a crisis and handling a situation can prevent serious damage. You need clear and strong communications and should prepare by training top management rather than hope it won’t happen to you. It’s no good having a plan in place if it’s old and unused. Learn from others mistakes and don’t be put off. For more handy PR tips take a look here.

Sometimes sticking to plans or resolutions can be difficult and are easily pushed to one side with the pressures and demands of daily business. So let us help you have a happy new year!

Written by Megan – – January 2012

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