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What is LinkedIn? Why is it important?

For professionals and senior leaders acting as spokespeople, LinkedIn is often the first source potential clients or journalists will see. With over a billion users around the world and available in over 26 languages, LinkedIn is a core channel for thought leadership from business leaders: you have to make sure you and your team are presenting a positive first impression.

How to use LinkedIn effectively to network and build a personal brand online

What do your clients, colleagues or media see when they Google you? Most people have a LinkedIn profile, but few manage it proactively to make a positive impact. Our bespoke LinkedIn training courses are full of easy-to-use tips on how to use LinkedIn to confidently network online, build your personal brand, and get seen as a thought leader in your field.

Who Delivers The LinkedIn Training And What Will they Cover?

Our course leaders come from PR, professional services and FTSE100 backgrounds and have run successful employee engagement, marketing and thought leadership campaigns on LinkedIn for over 15 years; working with business leaders to amplify their impact online.

We will tailor the LinkedIn training course for you and your team, and can make the session very practical – leaving you with an improved profile that you can then maintain independently. 

What’s included in your course?

We will teach you how to create an impactful LinkedIn profile, with LinkedIn summary examples, LinkedIn profile examples from relevant industry leaders and practical support. The session will cover:

  • Why LinkedIn is relevant and how to use social media in a professional context
  • We’ll go through your privacy and security settings to make sure you’re comfortable with what connections and strangers see when they search for you
  • We’ll cover what makes a good LinkedIn profile: using inspiration from the best LinkedIn profiles in your industry
  • We will teach you how to craft your LinkedIn summary, using relevant keywords, so you appear in search results for experts with your background
  • We will cover what makes a good LinkedIn profile picture and LinkedIn headline examples
  • We will share ideas on content to post and what to avoid so you make a positive impression online

How To Book The LinkedIn Training Course 

To book your LinkedIn training course please click here. We can have your tailored session outline over within the next 24 hours and the course will be delivered as soon as you’re ready.

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