What Skills Are Employers Looking For in 2024?

Here Are The Skills Employers Are Looking For in 2024

In a world that seems to be increasingly automated and run by technology, it’s refreshing
that ‘communication’ is the skill most valued by employers in 2024. In February, LinkedIn
released the “most in-demand” skills for employers in 2024, the
top 5 are:

1. Communication
2. Customer service
3. Leadership
4. Project management
5. Management

This demonstrates how essential soft skills, clear communication and human leadership are
in a working world where so much of our time is spent online. In the era of hybrid working,
we communicate across many channels and the people that succeed are able to build
relationships online as well as in-person.

LinkedIn VP Aneesh Raman says; “People skills are going to come more to the center of
individual career growth”. This highlights how important it is for individuals to work on their
communication skills, and for organisations to ensure they’re providing effective training to
keep staff performing at the top of their game (and of course to encourage staff to join, or
stay with, them by showing how much they value and invest in their people).

Are You Sure You or Your Team Can Demonstrate Effective Communication in 2024?

Are you sure you or your team are able to demonstrate effective communication in-person
and online, to make sure you’re connecting with clients or other stakeholders, as well as
motivating and inspiring your colleagues. Bluewood offers a range of training courses that
will improve the way you or your team operate for example;

Our presentation training covers soft skills and nuanced communication, such as body
language, tone of voice and eye contact. The tailored training sessions are designed around
you, your work, your current skill level and your experience so that we only work on what you
need in the sessions – they can be run as single courses or as ongoing programmes, as a
1:1 or in groups. The training will build skills but also confidence, whether that’s for
presenting, public speaking or the broader range of meetings and engagements that you
could take part in.

Furthermore, the “top skill of the moment” for employers on LinkedIn is adaptability, this
emphasises the need for colleagues in a hybrid working world to be able to vary their
communication and presentation style for maximum impact – if your team want to improve
their style and approach for delivering content over video conference we can help your team
to achieve this with our training too.

Skills employers look for

Enhancing Team Communication Capabilities

LinkedIn has been the place where professionals around the world network online for over
20 years, but still leaders and spokespeople often have old, outdated or inaccurate LinkedIn
profiles. LinkedIn is increasingly a key channel for colleagues within the same organisation
to connect and share news or celebrate successes but it’s also great for brand awareness
externally too, whether that’s with the media or clients and shareholders. Our LinkedIn
workshops and training will cover a wide area; from building company pages, optimising
individual profiles, extending networks and publishing effective content. 

If you want to ensure your team have the communication skills needed to succeed, we can
provide the tailored training to help – please get in touch.


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