Using the Spotlight

With video becoming one of the most favoured forms of online media communication channels, it’s time to dust of that hair brush and get your senior executives practicing in front of the mirror. As the recently published research from Hitwise details, in the UK alone a giant 184 million hours a month are spent watching videos on YouTube. From a business point of view, the chance to reach that large an audience via just one video is too good an opportunity to be missed.

Through using a video clip on your website or externally on a hub like YouTube, you can share your business story more widely. In experimenting with video, companies can make their websites more accessible to the general public, explain complicated concepts and extend the time people spend viewing their site. Video can even be a useful way of breaking up pages of text and keeping the content of a site fresh and personal. Once the presenter is trained to express themselves on camera, making a video is relatively easy to do and can be a cost effective communication method – our sister company Sterling Film Production can help with your video or just some advice on the topic.

As ever, there are plenty of examples from the celebrity world of how not to do online video. Take the personalities who share odd, rambling rants using personal web cams on YouTube – you have to pity their publicist… Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher being prime examples. Recently, Ashton Kutcher decided to use YouTube to share his “truth” after claims of sex scandals hit the press. However, instead of clearing the air, he just inflamed media coverage of his situation by over-sharing with millions of viewers without thinking about his actions or message first. His scruffy appearance and odd musings didn’t help his case at all.

Web video has historically been ruled by the insane, obscene, cute and fame hungry: but don’t let this put you off. Don’t forget the huge audience your business can reach by participating in online video and have a quick look at competitors and peers in your sector for inspiration. See how they share insight, give users interesting content and engage viewers in debate via the comments section. Take a look at writer Zachary Sniderman’s top tips for companies getting into video for further hints and tips.

Presentation training is essential: not only in making videos but to those who may find themselves being filmed dealing with press and on television. Everyone walks into a meeting, press conference or event with a film camera (and dictaphone!) in their pocket via their mobile phone. Make sure your business doesn’t get caught out by ensuring your senior team are confident and “on message”. It is important that those on camera are comfortable about putting across the right message: don’t forget a bad interview or video clip can spread like wildfire thanks to the web. Why not invest in some presentation training with Bluewood today and avoid any bloopers for your business? Drop us an email with any questions about how we can prep you and your team for that all important spotlight.

Written by Megan – – November 2011

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